Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

Я люблю людей и нашу Планету!

Так случилось, что я работаю в шоу-бизнесе. Уже 20 лет я помогал артистам, был сам музыкантом, продавал концерты, занимался продвижением и маркетингом музыки, "продюсировал", менеджерил, администрировал, выпускали диски...

В настоящее время я помогаю артистам продать свое творчество или реализовать свои мечты.
Если вас интересует немного фото артистов разных лет, вы можете полистать мой альбом тут:
Валентин Стрыкало, One Republic, Крематорий, Бумбокс, Ноггано, Шнур, ЧИЖ и КО, Леприконсы, ВВ, Ундервуд

Еще я люблю путешествовать.Тут немного отчетов из путешествий.
О. КАПРИ, Shanghai, Koh Samui, London, Petra, Польша

Я написал книгу о группе Пара Нормальных, с которой работал с начала основания в 2007 году. Я решил выложить книгу в онлайн, здесь в журнале, так как это самый короткий путь к читателю. Читайте, если будет интересно тут.

Время от времени я пишу новеллы об обратной стороне звезд. Многие из нас видят картинку на сцене, но не догадываются, что в жизни совсем иначе.

Еще я есть на facebook, vkontakte, twitter
Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

We`d like to express out desire to establish business relations with you on basis of equally, mutual

Adoptation actress. USA visa.
Stagnant Williams in Baku. Steave Wander on jazz festival devided on two part.
Feel the audience.
The modern dixieland - we are adoptation all songs for Atlas 9 of july.
Premier on Bosco, where sound off over 50 minutes, over 8 of the tracks.
The people sang  instead of us.
I treat to dj set well where it pertinently.
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Gulyk, Андрей Гулык


The year is divided into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter.In spring nature awakens from her long winter sleep. The trees are filled with new life, the earth is warmed by the rays of the sun, and the weather gets gradually milder. The fields and meadows are covered with fresh green grass. The sky is blue and cloudless. At night millions of star shine in the darkness.
When summer comes the weather gets warmer still and sometimes its very hot. Its the farmer`s busy season - he works in his field from morning till night. The grass must be cut and the hay must be made, while the dry weather lasts. Sometimes the skies are overcast with heavy clouds. There storm with thunder, lightening and hail.
Autumn brings with it the harvest - time when the crops are gathered in and the fruit is picked in the orchards. The days get shorter and the nights longer. The woods turn yellow and brown, leaves begin to fall from the trees, and the ground the cover with them. The skies are grey, and very often it rains.
When winter comes, we`re obliged to spend more time indoors because out-of-the doors is cold. We may  get fog, sleet and frost. Ponds, rivers, lakes and streams are frozen, and the roads are sometimes covered with  slippery ice or deep snow. The trees are bare. Bitter north winds have stripped them of all their leaves.

3 of may - time for work. Martini have asking meet. But tommorow Germany.
PMI have rest till 10 of may, so i waiting for them. We need get prize for 3 winners of competition remix of the song "You are always in plus".
We must have repetition before start of tour on the big stage.

Ukrainian Singer, Composer, DJ, Actor and TV Presenter
He became a sensation in 2012 and still has been one of brightest representatives of Ukrainian-Russian pop stage.
"A top Russian speaking Artist as of today" Interview, Russia
"The most promising young artist on the post-Soviet space" TimeOut, Russia
Randorn 2014
Album "Randorn" 2014
Randorn tour over Ukraine
- 5 first-rate cities of Ukraine
- 2000 - 12000 people audience in every city, branded tour-bus, concert stage branding along with sponsors, big press-conference before launching

Main audience: young, goal oriented, successfull and energetic people (both males and females), interested in new wave of Russian and Western pop-music. Average age 17-35.

The nominee of MTV EMA (2011, 2012, 2013, 2015)
The owner of MuzTV Russia Award (Best Abum 2013) and the nominee (A Breakthrough of the Year 2012, Best Music Video 2013, Best Song 2013)
The Winner of YUNA Ukraine (Best Artist 2014, Best Album 2014)
The Winner of VIVA Ukraine
The Winner of M1 Music Awards 2015 in nomination “Alternative”

Artist in new 2016 Year. Concerts and tours, music videos, Album in English.
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