Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

Я люблю людей и нашу Планету!

Так случилось, что я работаю в шоу-бизнесе. Уже 20 лет я помогал артистам, был сам музыкантом, продавал концерты, занимался продвижением и маркетингом музыки, "продюсировал", менеджерил, администрировал, выпускали диски...

В настоящее время я помогаю артистам продать свое творчество или реализовать свои мечты.
Если вас интересует немного фото артистов разных лет, вы можете полистать мой альбом тут:
Валентин Стрыкало, One Republic, Крематорий, Бумбокс, Ноггано, Шнур, ЧИЖ и КО, Леприконсы, ВВ, Ундервуд

Еще я люблю путешествовать.Тут немного отчетов из путешествий.
О. КАПРИ, Shanghai, Koh Samui, London, Petra, Польша

Я написал книгу о группе Пара Нормальных, с которой работал с начала основания в 2007 году. Я решил выложить книгу в онлайн, здесь в журнале, так как это самый короткий путь к читателю. Читайте, если будет интересно тут.

Время от времени я пишу новеллы об обратной стороне звезд. Многие из нас видят картинку на сцене, но не догадываются, что в жизни совсем иначе.

Еще я есть на facebook, vkontakte, twitter
Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

Sky into the water

The glowing circle of the sun rises above the horizon and compliment one more day to the planet Earth. The animals were catching this fact,  the birds were singing the hymn to the new day.
The morning coolness was caressed my shoulders and knees. The greenness of the leaves was whispering to the people that think about how deep the water is.
For the first step into the water, I was squinting and reached out for the sky. I was stopping my breath and fell down into blue waves to share of spatters with sun rays.
The fishes already were waiting for me in hope that I took some bread. Its invest me and was glittering under the sun.
I was getting up, open the eyes and was going to do my work.
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Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

Nautilus - Lefkada

Lefkada - Lefkas
«Do you know my family?» - asked us the elderly man with grey hair.
«No» - answered we.
“My wife and family from Chernovtsy”, - and went to inside restaurant Nautilus. Through one minute in the door roll up the guy with stiffen biceps.
«Доброго дня, я Іван з Яремчі (Hello, I am Ivan from Yaremche)» - said to us young man here in the Lefkada island.
Turns out, the guy had been lived in the Ukraine until 2011 year and after that he gone to the Greece with his mother and they became publican and opened the restaurant.
He told us that they have a lot of ideas from the Ukrainian cuisine in the design and furniture in the restaurant. They fight for their rating in the Trip Adviser, and doing meals from the fresh ingredients and products.
«Our neighbor have been writing that we used frozen pizza and seafood, but it`s offensively. I work chef and know that we are doing all meals all in one day.
The owner of the restaurant like my father and we work together for five years. Every morning I doing fresh bread.
Also I have been go in bars, I have my channel on the Youtube, and have the bar in the courtyard. I train guys in our gym and show them what they should have doing».   – said he and roll over their biceps under a t-shirt.
By the time the old owner of the restaurant came to our guys who smoked apart under the restaurant and talked about Ukrainian unquotable words in the context of his hitherto job by truck driver.  Unquotable words pertaining to the police in the Poland, Hungary and other countries, where he had been driven.
The number of meals on the plate was dollop. There was dollop quantity of meals…
In the end of our dinner owner of the Nautilus gave present for us, three bottles of the wine and sparkling wine.
  In the morning we tried to have breakfast in the Nautilus, but the old owner was alone and said that restaurant would be opened at one p.m. 
He took sprinkler and went without t-shirt to watering the plant around the outdoor platform of the restaurant.

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Gulyk, Андрей Гулык

Cold coffee, hot wheater. Athens

I supposed that it will be very difficult to fly at night and have an excursion (burst) in old Greece town.
I had the flight at 3.15 at night and I almost didn't sleep (do you have an idea of business-training "how to sleep well in the airport and in the airplane"?). I arrived in 5.30 to Athens airport and incidentally met in the airplane friend of mine Jan. He Greek and the very versatile person with deep knowledges of the English, Greek, Spain and Russian languages.
We flaped about etceteras with the cup of cold Greek coffee with ice till the sun rise and after that, we disbanded.
Ticket to the center of the Athens cost ten euro. I bought it and through 1 hour saw the great remains of Greek buildings. I would like to know what people find in historical remains. There are similar from city to city. Voiceless stones, middle ages architecture...
In Athens attribute of buildings the graffiti. Everywhere you can see graffitis. Possibly all modern Greeks are painters. But I found some Greek musicians near Acropolis, who had been sung songs. Apparently old Greece songs.
After two hours walking through old part Athens, I found Trip bus and take one route, along the old town. It cost 20 euros. There were many buildings, buildings... Not so beautiful how made Gaudi, but what I know about archaic architecture? Maybe it's not my taste.
I made a conclusion when drinking cold coffee for 3 euros, what Athens well to attends one time. But I don't know that I will do here next time. May be museums would repackage my impressions?

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